Is it the creamy mashed potatoes speckled with chives, or is it the sweet onion in the squash casserole?  Maybe it's the crispy fried chicken and cornbread or the firm meatloaf slices.  Quite possibly it's the banana pudding that brings back memories of Sunday dinner at your Grandmother's house.  And it's yours to enjoy again and again in the charming atmosphere of Mildred's Restaurant and Tea Room.


     Mildred's uses the original room layout of the home which provides several cozy dining areas, each with its own personality and decor.  Julie's room is light and bright with a whimsically decorated fireplace mantle.  Gene's room was previously the law library and is more masculine with mahogany paneling and dining tables.  Lena's room fairly glows with light reflected from its warm wallpaper and two walls lined from floor to ceiling with Mildred's extensive collections of tea sets, china and other porcelain collectibles.


     The food is delicious and the service is genuinely warm and courteous.



Hours of Operation:

Wednesday and Sunday 10:45 until 1:30

and for private parties, catering, and special events. Please call ahead hours subject to change.





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